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Agricultural Solutions Tailored to You

Vineyard Removal

Our process begins with prepping the fields for removal. We will then grind the extracted vines and remove any further embedded wire to produce a clean wood chip that can be reincorporated back onto your field or hauled off.

Orchard Removal

Our process begins with uprooting existing trees with methods of obtaining as many roots as possible. We will then efficiently grind uprooted trees and produce a woodchip that can easily be reincorporated onto your field or hauled off.

Deep Ripping

We operate a fleet of Caterpillar D11 Rippers to improve and maximize the health of your soil. This service breaks up hardpan, enhances drainage, and enables deep root growth. Our equipment can be tailored to your needs with single or multiple shank options.

General Cleanups & Haul Off Service

JFS Enterprises operates a fleet of trucks and high side end dumps to haul away any unwanted debris on your field. Reach out to our team to learn more about these services and how they can be tailored to your specific needs.

Look at our Grinding Activities
Spreading & Incorporation

We operate a fleet of Spreaders to evenly spread your woodchips onto the field. Upon customer request, we can also Stubble Disc the fields or Plow and facilitate any other groundwork that customers may want.


Let JFS help you Streamline Your Application Process with SJVAPCD

Let us expertly navigate your application process, ensuring seamless efficiency every step of the way.

Air Board Help

Ready to Transform Your Land?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and begin your land development journey with us.

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